WTB: Lighting and filtration for a 16g bow.


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I hate for my first post on a forum to be in the classifieds, but I've been lurking for a little while. I have 16g bowfront that's currently a fw tank that I want to convert into a reef to go along side my BC8. I'm needing a few things and want to spend as little as possible on it due to a larger tank that I'm in the process of saving for. I have 1000+ feedback on ebay and paypal if anyone's concerned about dealing withe the "new guy". I'm looking for the following:

18"-20" lighting 50w+ preferably with lunar's.

Current subcurrent in tank filter

HOB fuge or skimmer or combo

16g bowfront stand if you're in central Tx.

50w stealth heater

Coralife digital timer

I'm open to lower end gear (i.e. Odyssea, Jebo, etc) and really want to keep everything as cheap as possible. Thanks in advance.