WTF?!? Where'd he go?


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ok, so i woke up this morning, say down at my breakfast counter( right next to my tank), and my clown fish was gone! Ive searched everywhere i can see in the tank, and im not sure there is a single place he could hide that I cant see. He's never just disappeared before, but i find it hard to believe that my cleaning crew could eat every trace of him in one night...
Nothing else in the tank is missing, including all my verts (which i understand are much more sensitive). Im going to pull out my chemistry set and get to work checking my lvls, but any input here would be appriciated. :anxious


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I used to have a killer serpent star that would slowly eat my fish one by one. That was going to be my guess.

Glad you found the little guy!


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I had two yellow head coper and I didn't know they were good diggers. When I first got them they actually dug a hole under the live rocks I've placed in and the couple would stay in there. The bigger one with stay out and guard the entrance and collects food into the hole. I thought they got eaten by other fish...

Also this one time I couldn't find my thumb nail sized clownfish. it was stuck behind the heater... its scared of the bigger clown fish in the tank. Cause they fight over the anemone.. well the tiny clownfish died... I am not sure if the clownfish killed it or it got stuck somewhere again and couldn't get out.