Yellow Clown Goby


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So, I bought a yellow clown goby. I think he is quite unique and fun to watch, he reminds me of a dog for some reason. He is a terrible swimmer, but he's got mad parking skills. :)

So, here's my question.

I think the poor guy is stressed. I also do not think he is eating. Of course, I am not watching the tank 24/7... but when I feed the tank, he does not compete for food, he doesn't seem to eat, and he *does* do his retarded swimming thing around the perimiter of the tank. It almost seems like he's trying to get away from all the fun.

Today I really was observing him closely... he looks like he's got zits! A bunch of little bumps all over his body. Not white, just yellow. So, Now I am worried.



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can you take him back? Does your LFS have like a 24 hr guarantee? It might not be anything, but the "zits" worry me. If you are noticing unusual behaviors though, something must be wrong. Can you set up a QT? that would be the first step,



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I am not noticing unusual behavior, aside from not eating.

I need to set up a permanent QT tank, but don't know what filter to use.


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hey Jeff if i were you dont worry alot and let the cleaners take care of your clown goby :cry: why im so negative this kind of fish have the history of being caught by cyanide (bad spelling) and cause of it they dont make it longer than 4months if lucky eventually he will die since is not eating thats one of the symptoms and eventhough he eats the cyanide winns and he will die so dont quarantee him just let him R.I.P and well the bumps you see they dont seem as ick but they are just they look yellow cause of the fish color believe me... anyways good luck with him and dont hesitate or worry to much he is a gonner sorry to say it but is true...

EDDY (sorry if i sound bad or hearless just the true and fact)


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Yellow Clown Goby : The Last Appearance

OK, so I have confirmation on the clown goby and his final disposition.

Man this sucked.

So, today I installed an HOB skimmer. When I did that, I took apart my canister and dropped in two bags of charcoal. When I did that, I poured out the remaining water because I noticed there was a little bit of detritus down there at the bottom.

So it was all cool.

I hooked everything back up, pumped in the water like normal, fired it up, and out came the customary rush of bubbles... followed by what I can only describe as “Yellow Clown Goby Snow.â€


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Ouch. Stupid question on my side, was there a strainer on the intake for the cannister? Sorry to hear about the fish.


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Yes there is, which is what made this wierd. As soon as the fish disappeared, I had an eve on all power head intakes and the cannister intake. Very wierd.


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My yellow clown goby exhibited similar symptoms to those described by the original poster. I could not get him to eat what my firefish (only other fish) was eating (frozen mysis, cyclopeeze freeze dried, and frozen cyclops). I tried soaking some of this food in garlic. He would put pieces into his mouth but then spit them out.

My LFS recommended live brine shrimp, which was effective but he would only eat one or two. At least he was eating but still not nearly enough to sustain him.

eventually, he started to develop the little dots and it looked like his color was fading. I thought he had ich, but it was probably the result of malnutrition.

So I tried some frozen formula one and that did the trick. He loves the stuff. He still doesn't eat a lot of food but he does pick up 3-4 small pieces during feedings and sometimes he still spits it back up. But he keeps enough of it down. I feed him using a turkey baster and just make sure that there are tiny pieces for him.