Chad's 2gal bulletproof zen tank


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Thanks guys!
I am building a new system right now and should probably start a thread on that here. And yes, a mantis shrimp is in the plans for that one too...

- Chad


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Nice tank! I like the filter/plumbing setup. Definetly clean and simple. :thumbup: Nice videos by the way.. That mantis is creepy but cool.

:welcome to Nanotank!


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Yes, you likely should start another thread about your new build project.
I think we'd all be interested in seeing what you'll come up with next.

Having tinkered with Plexi myself in the past I'm thinking about building my own tank but still trying to weigh all my options and learn how things have changed sine I had my last tank (and not a nano) almost 20 years ago.

I'd personally be interested in any lessons learned about what you built and what you didn't like about the existing setup you've shown so that I can try to add any non-obvious no-no's to my list.



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Well, I have gone and started a thread on my new tank. You can check it out here: ... 8618#38618

Just be warned, it is a completely different approach from my work on this tank. Instead of minimizing and hiding the equipment, I have tried to display and showcase each piece of equipment. :wlift

I honestly wouldn't change a thing with my design. I would caution against adapting it for a much larger setup though. Because this design doesn't have an overflow, you will get a skim of dust and protein on the water surface after a while - on a nano this is easily cleaned by dropping a paper towel on the surface of the water once a week. On a larger tank it might be a pain.
Also, because there is no skimmer in this design, I would recommend against a large bioload. For me weekly water changes were king! No dosing of any other elements necessary - it will only complicate things. I stocked low, changed half a gallon of water every week and fed lightly and my water was pristine. HTH

- Chad


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That's a nice tank! Your mantis shrimp looks awesome! Overall, great job, that's an eye catcher! :loveface