lgreen's 58g Oceanic Reef w/ remote plenum


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Quick Update:

Busy w/ school but thought I'd let everyone know what's up.

Fish to date:

-Pair Percula Clowns
-3 Firefish
-Sixline Wrasse
-Tricolor Wrasse
-Yellow Rose Goby (had a mated pair, but female took her own life attempting to explore outside the tank)
-Yasha Hasa Goby

Been having heat problems w/ the lights so I haven't been able to run the halides and therefore haven't added any coral yet. I have someone babysitting my corals for me.

Selling my light since it is to hot. Ordering the 36" Sunlight Supply TEK 6 Bulb T5 pendent as soon as my other light sells.

Have a few plumbing issues that need to be resolved this summer too. (noise!)

That is all for now. School will be done in a month and I will get everything fixed back up and get some new pics.


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I had to invest in my 1/4 JBJ chiller because of the massive amount of heat my lights were placing and my closed glass tops...

Not to mention several in sump pumps and lots of MJ1200 in the display....


Hope your new lights draw less heat... I've heard good things about those lights...


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Thanks Mike

I have a chiller actually, but the lights still heat up my room way to much to the point were I can't stand being in their.

Glad to hear you got your ich problem resolved too. It can be tough sometimes getting those tangs over the ich.


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How is your six-line with the other fish? Mine seems so territorial, I am being overly cautious on possible tank mates. I have the 36" Maristar if you are still exploring options. It has the double halides and T-5's also and I haven't experienced any heat problems, but mine is suspended from the ceiling for more air flow. Not sure of the difference in your light mentioned and mine, maybe same dunno. Any updated photos?


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Wow, sorry for the lack of updates, I haven't been on this forum for quite a while.

I actually have taken down and sold most of this tank. I never really got a chance to finish setting it up all the way. Just became too much work with trying to finish two degrees and get ready to apply to dental school.

Anways, I learned a valuable lesson here. Nano Reefs are much more fun than big tanks.

I downgraded to a 10g which is much less time consuming and it is turning out pretty cool. I'll have to post some pics when I have some free time.




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sorry to hear you broke down your large tank, but on the other hand....welcome to the ten gallon club :mrgreen: cant wait to see some pics