My 95gallon, Acrylic Tank


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indiana, whats a good live sump/ refugium? please help i really need help with this, whats a good refugium or whats the best filter i should use?


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take a look at my thread (cris' 60) and the sump that I've set up. It's pretty easy to put one together on your own. Those wet/dry filters are typical of Fish only tanks. take a look at Melev's sumps for ideas. you don't have to use acrylic. I used a 20L and aquarium silicon with acrylic for the dividers.


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The main filtration in a reef tank consists of the sand and rocks themselves. A good protein skimmer and maybe a bit of carbon (personal choice, I like it) are all that is needed.

I would remove the bio balls now, but not all at once. If you removed them all at once then your bacteria population would be severely depleted.

Remove 25% of them at a time once a week. You do need to get these out to help keep nitrates down. In a reef tank you want to either have the excess material eaten (clean up crew) or totally removed (like with a protein skimmer).

Your lighting is T12? Does each bulb have an individual reflector? I am not sure about T12. I personally use T5 lighting (six bulbs) all with individual reflectors and I still have to keep higher light demanding critters half way up the tank.

Basically I don't think your lighting is sufficient for all corals in all locations of your tank, try moving your mushroom up higher (at about half way or even higher).

I like your tank. :) Just some thoughts on the comments in the thread.